NAS Global Trade Ltd.

NAS Global Trade Ltd. has the experience and skills to provide professional and aggressive international sales coverage in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America that companies need to enter these markets through exports and investments and, thereby dramatically increase their growth and revenues. We work with you to fully understand your products and manufacturing processes, support product analysis, development and adaptation for international sales. 

We conduct market research in the target markets, sales and marketing activities through appropriate market channels, identify and work with qualified buyers/importers for your products and, carry out the international logistics, insurance and documentation activities required for successful export sales and deliveries in ways that ensure customer satisfaction. We will also ensure development of appropriate after-sale services to develop and maintain repeatable growth of the export business for the long term.

We also provide global sourcing services in these markets that include identifying and qualifying appropriate suppliers, assuring quality of goods or materials procured, negotiating prices and appropriate international terms and conditions for sales and deliveries, effecting international payments, ensuring compliance with U.S. or other destination country import requirements and developing or providing international logistics services in the country of supply to avoid issues and bottlenecks in the supply chain.