Customs, Trade & Risk Management Services, Ltd.

Global trade and investments involved with international transactions require careful research, reviews and strategic planning of multinational business organization approaches. This involves understanding risks and structuring trade transactions and related operations for financial aspects, transfer and export pricing, coordinated development of international contracts, consideration of licensing and royalties, currency exchange risk, certifications of origin and other factors to ensure compliance with trade regulations of the countries involved. 

These complex requirements present major challenges when working across multiple customs, tax and currency jurisdictions in a multicultural environment of constantly changing trade rules, tariffs, taxes, and regulatory compliance. Typical situations involve critical and highly specialized challenges or risks that usually cannot be managed or resolved through the internal resources of most organizations and their trade partners, without assistance from external specialists. CTRMS Ltd. and its global partners provide expert support and solutions to these challenges by focusing and applying the professional and technical services of specialists in the countries of origin and ultimate destination of products or commodities in a coordinated approach.

We are also experienced in assisting clients with the public affairs and communications challenges that often arise in trade disputes.