CTRMS, Ltd. has kept its focus on Vietnam as the leading new emerging market in Southeast Asia since we assisted a major U.S. global firm in establishing a manufacturing facility in the Amata Industrial Zone in Bien Hoa, Vietnam in 2007. Customs, Trade & Risk Management Services (Vietnam) Co. Ltd. was granted its Investment License to provide specialist consulting and training services to Vietnamese and foreign-invested companies in Vietnam, as well as, to provide assistance to the General Department of Vietnam Customs and other agencies regulating trade. We are an active member of AmCham Vietnam and, Nestor Scherbey serves as Senior Advisor to the Vietnam Trade Facilitation Alliance and works with the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation. We have also advised the Asian Development Bank with SME programs and worked with the World Bank on development of Vietnam's National Trade Information Portal. 

We have navigated the unique culture and approaches to international business in Vietnam and, developed in-country logistics and supply chain services that are necessary for market enty and import management of exports from the United States, China, Japan, Korea and Europe and, with successful re-exports throughout the region. We are working to prepare companies for the new opportunities that will be created by the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, EU-VN Free Trade Agreement and, ASEAN trade agreements. We have partnered with a leading German-invested foreign law firm in Vietnam, and WTS, in a collaborative relationship that allows for an integrated approach to dealing with customs, trade, tax and legal requirements in Vietnam.  Grünkorn & Partner

We are committed to contributing significantly to the improvement of social needs in Vietnam through work with SME's, development of Cross-Border e-commerce, Green Asia development and, programs involving urban and rural disadvantaged children, women and persons with disabilities and special needs.